About the Frayed Edges Sisters

It all started in the pink room. Two little girls playing “store” on two twin beds, swapping items as if we weren’t already aware of all our prized possessions from sharing a room.

Fast forward 28 years later, now, dairy farming on our grandmother’s farm where we once dressed up in her glamorous gowns and animal print - everything!

Frayed Edges isn’t just an ordinary woman’s clothing brand, we are a sisterhood. We are the chief of operations to our wildly ambitious life. The 4:00 grind starts with milking our cows, 10:00 hustle unboxing new arrivals, 3:00 is where we catch our second wind for evening chores, and 8:00 is when we plan what’s to come for tomorrow.

Yesterday might have broke us, today taught us, and tomorrow we are born again...and again.

Two incredibly resilient, scrappy, and fashionable sisters, on a mission to impact ALL women. Leading our sisterhood by proving that there is NO goal too high to reach, setting limits does NOT exist, and NO outfit is quiet because our sisters at Frayed Edges are here to SHOUT.


Meg & E

PS: Feel free to reach out to us at info@frayededgesboutique.com. Talk soon, sis!